regional and dedicated fleets

Heyl Fleet

Heyl Truck Lines operates regional fleets in Florida and Texas, as well as in the Midwest, specializing primarily in refrigerated freight, but also accommodating dry shipments in most areas. 

Heyl has succeeded in building driver-friendly lanes that maximize miles, yet provide ample home time. The business models are primarily set as wheel-and-spoke systems given that the major hubs are located close to terminals with lanes traveling mainly on an out-and-back basis. 

Heyl also offers dedicated service, which provides the guarantee of capacity to shippers in addition to the comfort of familiar lanes of travel, origins and destinations for drivers. 

Heyl is always looking to grow, and can accommodate fleet sizes from one unit to more than 50.

To speak to our sales department about opportunities in regional or dedicated fleets, contact us at 800.234.4395.

Bruce Koele, VP Sales – Ext. 3205
Scott Jacobs – Ext. 3208
Joe Whitfield – Ext. 3810