Vice president of safety retires

After 28 years at Heyl Truck Lines, Inc., Keith Pease, the Vice President of Safety, has retired. We would like to thank Keith for his many years of loyal service to Heyl Truck Lines. He was instrumental in developing Heyl’s safety-centered culture into what it is today. Our top-notch safety scores are a reflection of that hard work. Keith was not only a safety leader within the company, he was also a friend and mentor to many drivers and office personnel and will be greatly missed. 

We would like to wish Keith a wonderful retirement and many years spent traveling and golfing with his family!

A Note From Keith

Parting Thoughts:

Twenty-eight years at Heyl Truck Lines, Inc. has given me the opportunity to meet and work with some extraordinary people (and a few normal ones, too.) I'm pretty certain I am going to miss the daily interaction with everyone. I enjoy the "give and take" conversations bring and the opportunity they provide to both learn and teach. I'm truly grateful to have worked with (and for) the drivers and staff of this company.

I have been extremely fortunate throughout my life to have made many major decisions at the right time for the right reason. I hope this decision to retire proves to be another one. I am confident that the safety personnel in place (at every terminal facility) are qualified and capable to continue the success of the company's safety program. Their answers to your questions may not be as "colorful" as what you're used to... but they will continue to be honest and accurate. I ask everyone to please give them the same dedication and respect I have enjoyed. You won't be disappointed.

In addition to playing "a little" more golf than usual, my plans are focused on spending more time with extended family, a lot more time with my wife, and preparing my son, Jesse, for assisted living life. He is showing interest in becoming more independent and has begun to develop the skills necessary to do so. His time is now. Joelle and I must be there for him.

Thank you for your calls, cards, e-mails, and congratulations. As always, thank you for your effort and keep up the good work. I feel blessed.